Summer Vacation Sucks

Sorry for the delay in writing, someone texted me “K” and I was busy plotting their demise. For being unemployed and receiving (what feels like) continuous “thanks, but no thanks” emails from NUMEROUS companies — seriously, I couldn’t even get a job at Target for Christ’s sake; they told me I’m over-qualified, the bastards — […]

Sometimes, I Can’t Stop My Mouth

Okay. Maybe “sometimes” is a little bit of an understatement. A more correct word choice would have been “frequently” or “often” … okay, okay, let’s just omit the word “sometimes” all together, shall we?   Fact: I have no filter. Also fact: I find inappropriate things to be funny at the most inopportune of times. […]

I’ve Got the Glitter Shits

A WILD BOSS APPEARED! Six Shooter used “mundane conversation”! It’s super effective!! Boss used “extra work for same pay!” LOSE 50 POINTS! Six Shooter countered with “solid argument stating that if you are going to revamp her job description you should pay her accordingly”! Boss is impervious to the attack! A WILD CO-WORKER APPEARED! Six […]