Thoughts of Home

It snowed in So Cal tonight … I spent a good long while standing there watching it, reluctant to go inside, reluctant to leave the silence and the beauty of the white blanketing the street. My heart churned in my chest and I fought the urge to cry. Seeing the flakes fall brought back so […]

Dating Disasters

I attract everything I am not attracted to. I had a date tonight, the first one since the great relationship explosion of 2014. He seemed like a nice guy, smart, conversationally capable, handsome, employed, blah blah blah. The coffee was nice, the conversation was sparkling, the walk was calming, the kiss … left me wanting. […]

In Progress

Well, some unfortunate things have happened since I last updated this. My first Christmas without both grandmothers (and I spent it away from family). The one year anniversary of my beloved Grandmother Rose’s passing. My best friend and her fella parted ways (on good terms, but it still hurts). Most heartbreaking: a break up with […]

I Shaved For This?

Ladies (gents too), we’ve all been there. A promising first date comes along, you spend the afternoon preparing both mentally and physically. The shower, the clothes selection, the jewelry choice, the make-up (again, some gents understand) and the agonizing wait until the appointed time. Then, you meet up for dinner or coffee or whatever and […]