DARING to eat new food!

Here we are again! This is week three for my Daring Adventure. Last week, life got in the way (and maybe a little laziness too) and I decided to lay low. The week before that, even thought I didn’t post it, I was DARING to look up. I have a bad habit of stooping a little when I walk with people (I’m 6’3″, everyone else is shorter) and I tend to stare at the ground. So, a couple of Fridays ago, two of my best friends and I went downtown for a drink or two and some eye candy shopping. I wore bright red lipstick, a good boob shirt, and didn’t stare at the ground once. I held the gaze of strangers, not in a creepy way … well, okay, maybe I looked at SOME of them in a creepy way.

So the next daring activity we picked from the list was to try new foods! This one, even though it sounds really simple, was ridiculously hard for me. I am picky. SO FREAKING PICKY. For example: I went through a phase that every time the family went out to dinner, it was chicken strips or nothing. I was in high school. Another example, you ask? Prime Rib might be one of the most delicious cuts of meat on the planet—I prefer Sirloin. I don’t like the way Prime rib is marbled with fat. Still not satisfied? Here’s another: I enjoy mushroom flavoring, but I don’t want to eat mushrooms. I’m a texture eater; if the texture of a food grosses me out, I won’t eat it. I don’t particularly care for pudding, yogurt or jello because of the texture. Same goes for pork chops, cooked carrots, onions(I’m getting better with this one), and meatloaf, among other things.

Tonight, Tara and I went to a Vietnamese place called Ocean Phở. We perused the menu, looking not for something familiar and known-to-be-delicious, but for something we’ve never eaten before. She ordered the “cơm chiên đờ biền” which was fried rice with shrimp, shrimp paste, squid, fish balls, and imitation crab. I had the “phở đuôi bó”, oxtail soup. After we placed our orders, we anxiously awaited for the dishes to arrive, we sipped on Cam Vat which is apparently just fresh squeezed orange juice. The menu didn’t give an explanation as to what it was, so a few keystrokes and Google results later this evening, I discovered the simplicity of the beverage. Its probably the best OJ I’ve ever had!

Cam vat



Then came the OXTAIL SOUP. It looked delicious enough and smelled wonderful!


phở đuôi bó




The first bite? AMAZE-BALLS. Some of it was chewy, most of it was fall of the vertebrae tender. Oh, did I mention that there where VERTEBRAE in my soup?? It was a little hard to swallow (HAHAHA) at first, but I got used to it fairly quickly. I couldn’t help but play with my food after I had eaten all the meat off the bone. Turning it over and over in my hand.






Of course, Tara and I shared our dishes with each other, so I got to have some squid, fish balls (don’t ask, because I don’t know how they’re made), and shrimp paste for the first time. All in all, it was a great experience and I definitely want to go back to try some of the other dishes they have to offer. It was a culture shock being the only two Caucasians in the restaurant; something every one should experience at least once in their lifetime. On to the next adventure!!


Mmm, mmmm!


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