I Shaved For This?

Ladies (gents too), we’ve all been there. A promising first date comes along, you spend the afternoon preparing both mentally and physically. The shower, the clothes selection, the jewelry choice, the make-up (again, some gents understand) and the agonizing wait until the appointed time. Then, you meet up for dinner or coffee or whatever and […]

I Must Be Emo

I made a stack of english muffins for dinner. And I cut junks out of my apple and then ate them off the knife. Like a pirate. A part of me is well aware that I’m just going through the motions; it is that part that is fiercely battling the my other half that wants […]


Science. Holy crap. How awesome is it? Seriously. I fucking love science. Fucking. Love. Sometimes I attribute some stories to the assignment desk at work and it’s an almost rock solid bet that it’ll be about science. So, needless to say, I read a TON of science articles whenever I find myself just puttering around […]

Unfriend Zone

With each passing day, facebook creeps deeper and deeper into our lives. It started out with helpful reminders of who’s birthday it was. Then came detailing how you met another person (one of my friends and I lived along the bottom of the Panama Canal for 7 years before parting ways; she to become a […]