What Have I Done?!

Well, shit. I didn’t want to believe it, or should I say belieb it, but the inevitable has happened. I actually like a Justin Bieber song. Moment of Insight #5 I have radio A.D.D, so I rarely listen to station for longer than 2 minutes, the average length of a song. Therefore, I don’t know who sings […]

Ho Ho–No

As we were scattered about the living room on Christmas morning, the afterbirths of our stockings heaped in piles beside us, we started chatting about current affairs. It was engaging and insightful to gain my family’s opinions on things and so incredibly weird to be having a grown up conversation over coffee like that. It […]

Christmas 2012

I made it safely to California! Yesterday was an incredibly long day of work, last minute things and traveling, but it was all worth it because it led me here: basking in the glow of lighted garland in my parents’ living room, snuggled up in a blanket we’ve had since my childhood (it has always […]

Sad Goodbye

I am headed out to visit my family this week, so there might not be a blog post for a little while, we’ll see. Unfortunately, Sushi will not be able to come with me on this trip so she’s staying with some friends where I know she will be well taken care of and happy. […]

Text Message of Love

Two very good friends of mine, Pony Express and Cap’n Tube, have an awesome little offspring. Let’s call him  … The Kraken. When The Kraken has been good, he’s allowed to play with mom’s phone. He absolutely LOVES this game called Bad Piggies, an off shoot of Angry Birds. (Side note: He recently learned how […]

McFly Makes Three!

A friend of mine needed to go out of town this weekend and needed a dog sitter, so I readily volunteered. McFly has only been here a few hours and it has already been quite the adventure! First, there was the running around and sniffing everything. Then came the finding-every-tennis-ball-in-the-house-within-five-minutes. After a trip outside where, […]

I’ve Got the Glitter Shits

A WILD BOSS APPEARED! Six Shooter used “mundane conversation”! It’s super effective!! Boss used “extra work for same pay!” LOSE 50 POINTS! Six Shooter countered with “solid argument stating that if you are going to revamp her job description you should pay her accordingly”! Boss is impervious to the attack! A WILD CO-WORKER APPEARED! Six […]